How do I learn Spanish in London?


Immersion and Connection 

London is one of the most linguistically diverse cities in the world, despite it not being known for having an abundance of Spanish speakers. Fear not! There are plenty of areas with Spanish populations, particularly Kensington and Chelsea. No matter where you live, though, if you know someone who speaks Spanish, you could ask them to teach you. Even if you don’t yet know anyone who speaks the language, you can try to make a friend who does! One way to do this is through local groups that are interested in Spanish. You can find a list of many of these groups here. In addition to learning the language, such groups also allow you to meet new people and gain new perspectives. If you are learning with native Spanish speakers, it will also let you learn more about the culture itself and become more immersed in the language you are learning. You can pair this with other cultural experiences such as going to Spanish dance classes or cooking classes. At such places, you are more likely to meet people who speak the language so you will be able to converse with them, learn from them, and get some great practice! 

Flexibility and Ease 

If you are looking for a relatively easier and more flexible option, language learning apps, videos, and audiobooks are always a safe bet. There are so many apps on the market to help you learn Spanish such as Hellotalk, which connects you with Spanish speakers around the world, and Memrise, which uses games and quizzes to enhance your learning. If you prefer to learn with a teacher in more of a traditional way, there are many YouTube channels that teach Spanish through videos where native speakers serve as your teacher. Audiobooks are another option that fit into this category well. Audible currently has over 1,400 titles aimed at learning the Spanish language. These methods allow you to learn Spanish from anywhere, whether you’re at home, on your commute, or on your lunch break. You can also commit as little or as much time to them as you would like. However, with these online options, you do miss out on the face-to-face and cultural connection aspect of learning another language.  

Best of Both Worlds 

There is another option if you are looking for something that combines the immersion and connection of local groups with the flexibility and ease of online learning. Language classes provide you the opportunity to learn and practice in a group setting encouraged by a teacher while offering many options of location, time, and duration. Spanish language classes are what you make of them. They allow you to connect with the Spanish culture through your teacher and your peers, and you can enroll in them for as long or as short as you would like. Communicating with your peers gives you built in speaking practice that apps simply cannot offer. Language classes truly give you the best of both worlds. 

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