Do I need to travel to another country to learn a language? How to learn when you can't travel to another country


What are the benefits of learning language in another country?

If you want to go the immersion route, even a short time abroad gives you the opportunity to do so. Join a Spanish immersion program, do an intensive course in France

No one method of learning a language is the best, but one thing is certain, studying a language abroad is more ideal and often easier than learning at home. The opportunity to live abroad in a place where the language is spoken by natives and immersing yourself in a whole new culture is a dream for most language lovers. But don’t worry, just because you can’t pack up tomorrow and move to Bolivia, Portugal, or France doesn’t mean you can’t master Spanish, or French if you live in the UK. 

Schedule a holiday abroad and focus on exposing yourself to the local language as much as possible. Challenge yourself to not speak a word of your own language the whole time. Go on tours in the local language and purchase a stack of newspapers or magazines to take home to practice your reading and comprehension skills. 

Which countries should I travel to to learn a new language?

The short answer is, do some research. Choose the language you want to target, look for the countries where that language is spoken and choose the best destination for you. 

You are the one who sets limits on how far you want to travel. 

It’s easy to make excuses, but the reality is that language learning can easily be a part of everyday life for all of us. We can watch TV in Spanish, read magazines or books in French, or visit Chinatown to get familiar with the sounds of a foreign language. If you make even a little effort, you’ll start experiencing the joy that comes with learning a new language.

Alternatives to travelling to another country - evening classes. 

Luckily for us, language lovers, we live in a connected world and these days we have a lot more options to consider. If you’re glued to your smartphone, for example, download a few apps that will help you build your vocabulary and learn sentence structure. If you’re obsessed with social media, follow major brands that post in the language you’re trying to learn. Are you the type to socialise, then join a language learning group in your area or find a local meet-up where you can connect with people of the same interests as you. Find online publications to learn about all the latest culture topics and trends in France, Spain, or Puerto Rico.

Don’t forget that you can pop in for a chat and some language learning motivation Monday to Thursday at any of our language schools in the UK. You can also request a free call back!

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