How to meet people if you are working full time?


How to meet people if you are working full time?

It's particularly difficult to socialise for people with busy schedules. Meeting people through clubs or societies makes socialising far easier, as you have a shared interest to discuss. Volunteering groups are also a great addition to your CV. And if there isn’t a group that matches your interests, consider setting it up yourself! Find a group in London Imagine what you could do with the right people by your side.
Check out groups in the London area and give one a try.

Best places to meet people in London

If you have a set time devoted to a chosen activity, you can plan your week around it. It also provides you with a handy excuse to get out of working late! Going to your local pub or taking a free walking tour of the city, is a great way to meet new people! You can take a walking tour in the language of your choice. You can also explore some Facebook groups and find people with common interests to do things together in different areas. Some of the most popular ones are The non-boring London Collective, London New Girl, London Girl Gone International and more. 

Why are evening classes good for meeting people? 

The answer to this question is obvious! If you are working full-time, the evenings are the best time slot for meeting people that share your same interests. It’s also a good way to start something new and exciting. Join an activity in the evenings, whether it's your favourite hobby or learning a new skill (e.g learning a second language). Find where to do this locally and within a couple of weeks you will start seeing results!

You are now ready to go meet new people in your area. Good luck!

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