6 facts about Spanish language - Learn Spanish in London.

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How to become fluent in Spanish?

Eurocentres offers a variety of great group language courses in Spanish, online and in the UK and private classes.

Learning a language has never been easier and it’s a great way to start learning about a different culture. Going away soon? Take our free language level test and one of our language advisors will send you detailed information so you can be ready for your next trip abroad!

6 facts about Spanish language

1.       Spanish is TOP 20 amongst the 40 most common spoken languages in London.  

2.       After English, Spanish is the second language in which most scientific documents are published.

3.       Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world with an estimated 450 million speakers.

4.       Spanish is an official language in 21 countries and is a widely spoken foreign language across the world with millions of non-native speakers using the language for travel and work.

5.       In the UK, Spanish is by far one of the most popular languages to learn.

6.       Fun fact – there are approximately 300 Spanish restaurants in London!

Practice your Spanish in London

Eurocentres London Central has this support of community and plunging into the language environment! So, why not marry studying off to social interaction with native speakers to ruin the barrier from the beginning of your language learning journey in London.

We organise regular language exchanges for all language lovers where they will get to have fun, meet new people in the Bayswater area and practice their languages. Stay up to date and visit our events page for updates.

We hope to meet you soon to start your language learning with us!

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